Chili Klaus Jingle Balls Calendar 2020

499 kr

Chili Klaus Christmas Calendar 2020 in an even more beautiful design and with new content!
The Jingle Balls Calendar looks stunning on the shelf and guarantees excitement and spicy experiences for the whole family, friends or company.
This year, the surprise lid contains an exciting Hot Sauce made on the world’s hottest chili, Carolina Reaper.
Besides chilli balls and rocks and winegum this years calendar also contains chili peanuts.
All in all, Jingle Balls has got a huge facelift and we think it is more beautiful and competitive than ever.

Limited edition!

Best before: 10 months
Net weight: 420 grams

Säljes endast i vår fysiska butik på Östergatan 16 i Landskrona!
Begränsad upplaga, först till kvarn.